Sowing Again

Originally Posted 12/11/15

I was in the sowing mood - LOL. 

Anither Pinterest Find - thank you! 

I found a pair of pants at the thrift store that would fit my niece with a little extra room to grow for $1.59.  I cut off about 6 1/2 inches on the bottom.  Cut up the seam to the crotch and then up the zipper in the front and almost all the way up to the top in the back.  I already had the fabric laying around from other projects, but I used the 6 1/2 inches from 1 leg I cut into pieces and sowed them together to make it taller - then started sewing the ruffles on.  I added a couple in the back to help hide her bum.  Again, I know there are some mistakes - but I am not a master seamstress.