Happy Valentine's Eve Day & also Friday the 13th.

Originally Posted 2/13/15

Today my daycare is celebrating Valentine's Day and had a little lunch party. 

During breakfast I made confetti cupcakes and I guess I was a little distracted with the kids running around and also making breakfast that I completely forgot to add the oil when mixing before slipping the cupcakes I to the oven.  It wasn't u till they had been in the oven a good 5 minutes or a little more that I remembered. 

I quickly asked a girlfriend of mine if I needed to just toss them out or is there was a way to recover them & she suggested to put whipped cream in the cupcake & the topping.  So that's what I did, knowing that the kids would not like them and I would end up just throwing them away. 

I added some chocolate sprinkles and a cinnamon dot to finish it off. 

And guess what the kids loved them and one of the daycare moms also ate one and said that it was one of the best cupcakes whe'a had. 

I guess I should leave more ingredients out.  LOL