My First In-Home Jamberry Party

Originally posted 1/25/15. 

Yesterday didn't start the way that I was hoping.  I woke up feeling horrible, thinking that I would need to get myself checked out at an urgent care.  I decided that I would take my chances and get ready for the upcoming party.  At 10:00am I started to apply a set of wraps to my toes and fingers, which only took about 45 minutes.  I guess because I am not so flexible.  I put on midnight sky, Carmen ombré and sweet nothing.  They turned out to be a good match.  I packed up and headed to the party.  I was so nervous and excited all in one.  There were suppose to be 8 girls coming and of course 4 cancelled.  The party started almost an hour late, because most of the girls were late.  Even though there were only 4 girls there I felt that it was a good number, I guess because of my nerves.  After showing the girls how to remove a wrap and then place a new wrap on (my model/hostess) - which only took a few minutes, I had all the girls place a new wrap on themselves with my guidance.  The party took about 1 hour with me showing them the application and removal process and them cleaning and putting on the nail wraps them self.  It was awesome to see their faces o how easy it was to apply and remove the wrap.  I was happy that each of the girls placed an order, but was a little bummed that I didn't get to book a party from any of them.  But the party did end on a high note.  I was able to sign the hostess up to be a consultant.   

I can only hope that I made the right decision to become a Jamberry Consulant and my business grows. 



I absolutely love the idea of them.  I can now have cool nails that will stay on and doesn't cost an arm and leg to do.